A Christmas Carol

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The Songs In The Story

It’s Christmas

As the curtain rises, we find ourselves on a busy street in Charles Dicken’s London on Christmas Eve. Throngs of joyful people bustle about reveling in the happiness and joy of the season.

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Jacob Marley’s Dead

The spirited crowd moves off. Three portly men of business, their demeanor as stern and starched as their winter clothing emerge debating the validity of a rumor concerning the death of a colleague, Jacob Marley.

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God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen

Seven years has passed. Once again it is Christmas Eve. Our “hero” Ebenezer Scrooge sits busy in his office brooding over his ledger book, the usual scowl on his face. In the distance is heard the approach of happy children regaling themselves with a Christmas tune.


Scrooge erupts from his desk, flings open the door and growls his infamous expression: Humbug! The children scatter in all directions.

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It’s Christmas! (Reprise)

As Scrooge prepares to leave for the day, he grudgingly grants the request of the meek and mild clerk, Bob Cratchit “the whole day off tomorrow”. Again we hear the children singing in the distance. This time they poke fun at the ogre Scrooge mimicking him. Cratchit joins in with glee as he anticipates a wonderful Christmas day.


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Lonely Am I

Scrooge enters his living room in his night gown and cap.  He is still hearing the wailing of the terrible voice.  Suddenly appears the ghost of his friend and former business partner Jacob Marley.  Marley’s ghost explains to Scrooge that he has been put on earth to help Scrooge redeem himself from his sinful ways (“Lonely Am I”) and that he will be visited by three more spirits who will also attempt to redeem him.  Scrooge refuses to believe his eyes and ears as he falls asleep on the large armchair that he is sitting on.

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The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Scrooge tries in vain to calm himself by his fireplace late the Christmas Eve after his encounter with the first unearthly visitor, Marley’s Ghost. Out of the silence of the night appears the second of the spirits. Scrooge pleads with the Ghost to show him mercy.

He’s My Brother, He’s My Friend

The Spirit returns Scrooge to his forgotten past to see his younger self with his beloved sister, Fan. She expresses her love and admiration for her older brother.

He’s Not The Man I Used To Know

The ghost shows Scrooge how his heart begins to grow cold and hard with avarice as he loses the one and only love of his life.

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The Ghost Of Christmas Present

Scrooge’s third visitor terrifies him with dark jollity.

God Bless Us All, Everyone

The family of Bob Cratchit is gathered at the hearth where the sickly Tiny Tim sings of the true and simple meaning of Christmas.


The rise of the curtain reveals Scrooge lying at center stage.  He vents his emotions for the first time (“Why?”).  Out of the darkness appears the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  The ghost does not speak.  It will only point with its boney, white hand.  Three businessmen appear. They are discussing the death of a colleague.  They agree that they would not go to his funeral, but may go only if a lunch is provided.   Scrooge recognizes the men as colleagues and wonders why he is not with them as he usually is.  A man and wife appear.  The man explains to his wife that a person who has lent them money has died.  They are relieved because the debt will be transferred to someone else, and that the new creditor “could never be such a merciless creditor as he was.”  Scrooge wonders who they are speaking of.

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A Lady Who’s A Man (after me own heart)

Scrooge is horrified as thee Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows the housekeeper, Mrs. Dilber, coldly selling the bed curtains that she took from his deathbed.

A Lady Who's A Man (after me own heart)

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