Thornrose The Sleeping Beauty



Sleeping Beauty

A Fairy Tale Musical


Music and Lyrics by
Michael DeMaio
Adaptation and Book by
Jan Lindvik


Act I
Scene One:
The first light of dawn illuminates a small, picturesque medieval village square.
A Minstrel enters with his lute (“Morgen Vekke”). He is followed by a colorful circus wagon that is being pulled by four Jugglers/Circus Performers.
With some amusing antics, the first Juggler attempts to entice some curious onlookers to come to the “fantabulous and stupendious” show later that day.
Another Juggler annoys the Minstrel, who is trying to supervise the preparations for the show. The Juggler wants to hear “the story” that the Minstrel promised to tell them when they finally reached this village. The Minstrel agrees to tell the story, but only after the show is set up.The Jugglers/Circus Performers swarm over the wagon and get it ready immediately.
The Minstrel begins the story:
“Once upon a time, the king of this kingdom, whos name is King Hannibald, and his lovely wife, Queen Silkenshade were quite sad. For they did not have any heirs to the thrown. No children.  But, believe it or not, there were many who claimed to be next in line for the thrown: Evil doers to be sure.” Anyway: For many years the king and queen longed for a baby. “An official heir to the thrown. But, these things take time and patience…”
The Lord Chamberlain enters with Three Soldiers. He reads an announcement that a baby girl, Princess Aurelia, has been born to the King and Queen. And that the guest list for the official baptism celebration will be posted “on yonder pole”.
The Villagers are overjoyed at the news (“One Kingdom, One Child”).
The celebration is violently interrupted by the entrance of Orchid the Wicked and her entourage of Four Gargoyle-Like Figures. Orchid is gracefully statuesque and clothed in black, dark blue and purple. She wears a large bonnet that resembles giant horns. Her long flowing hair is a shining jet black and an evil glow gleams from her ice-blue eyes. She has a sinister, seductive beauty about her.
Upon seeing that her name is not on the guest list, Orchid becomes enraged and vows revenge to the entire kingdom.
(“Kingdom of Evil”).

Scene Two:
The great hall of the castle on the day of the royal baptism. Revelers and guests enter the great hall (“Processional”). As they enter, King Hannibald and Queen Silkenshade are bickering about the party preparations (“I’m the King”).
Coming to give his congratulations, is King Alejandro, the king of a neighboring kingdom, and his young son Prince Alejandro. A marriage between the Prince Alejandro and the Princess Aurelia has been arranged between the two royal families.
The three Good Fairies, Camelia, Mynthe and Rosalinde enter the festivities. They offer their gifts of Wisdom, Beauty and Cleverness to the Princess Aurelia (“All Good Wishes”).
Suddenly Orchid and her Gargoyles appear. She has come to take her revenge (“The Gift of Evil”).
The Orchid places a spell on the baby girl, that on her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die.
The Young Prince Alejandro unsuccessfully tries to stop Orchid. He is then swept away by Orchid as she disappears in a cloud of red smoke.
The Good Fairy Camelia, believing that the Princess will not die, attempts to console everyone (“From True Love’s Kiss”).
When the King refuses her help, the Camelia, Mynthe and Rosalinde cast a spell and sweep the baby Princess Aurelia away. They will hide her in the forest where Orchid will not find her.

Scene Three: The Camelia, Mynthe and Roslalinde escape from the castle with the baby Princess Aurelia.

Scene Four: The Village Square. The mood is dark and solemn. Soldiers are searching in windows and kiosks for spinning wheels.
The King has decreed that all the spinning wheels in the kingdom be burned. The Minstrel sings: (“The Years Pass By”).

Scene Five: The forest sixteen years later. The teenage Princess Aurelia laments over her bland life in the forest (“My Life”).
Camelia, Mynthe and Rosalinde, now posing Princess Aurelia’s “Aunties” enter and scold Aurelia for always running off into the dangerous forest. They cannot have this, as they must be always looking after her safety.  Aurelia insists that there is not any danger in the forest and darts off.
The “Aunties”, panting and frustrated, run after her.

Scene Six:  Orchid’s castle. Orchid has turned Prince Alejandro into a raven so
that she could send him to fly over the kingdom and search for the Princess (“Fly, Fly, Fly”).

Scene Seven:  The forest. Princess Aurelia is sauntering through the forest picking flowers. Suddenly, the Raven Boy/Prince, who has been flying about in search of the Princess, falls at her feet from a tree. From behind some foliage, The Raven Boy/Prince has turned into The Prince.
The Princess accuses him of spying on her.
The Prince begs her forgiveness and is mesmerized by her beauty. He tells her that he is just out for an “evening stroll”.
The Prince tells Aurelia how beautiful the forest is, and that where he lives there is no beauty at all. Aurelia suggests that he move to the forest. He cannot move to the forest and is unable to explain why. The Princess tells him that she is very excited that it is her sixteenth birthday tomorrow and that there is to be a wonderful party.
The Prince asks if he may attend the party. Aurelia excitedly agrees. She then realizes that her “Aunties” would not allow her to bring a stranger home. It is too dangerous.
She becomes very sad because she now has become attracted to the young, handsome My Prince (“My Life, Your Life”).
The Prince begs to see her again. Aurelia tells him that she would like to see him again and that he may find her here in the forest any time. She darts off.
The pastoral scene is interrupted by the booming voice of Orchid.
Orchid transforms The Prince back to the Raven Boy/Prince and orders him to fly back the castle immediately.

Scene Eight: Orchid’s castle. Orchid wants to know from the Raven Boy/Prince what he had found. He says that he has found nothing.
Orchid knows that he is lying and threatens to turn him into a raven forever if he does not tell her the truth.
Becoming frightened, he tells Orchid that he has met a young girl who lives in the forest with her three “Aunties”.
Orchid, not being taken in by the ploy, immediately surmises that the young girl is the Princess Aurelia and the “aunties” are The Good Fairies.
She and the Gargoyles vow to carry out the evil spell (“Dance of the Gargoyles”)
The Raven Boy/Prince realizes that he must try and save Aurelia (“My Life” reprise).

Act II

Scene One:  The forest. The three “Aunties” are attempting to bake a birthday cake for Aurelia’s party
(“The Birthday Cake”).
Orchid’s voice booms in the forest. It tells the Aunties/Good Fairies that they have been found out, and that the spell will proceed. They run off.

Scene Two: The great hall of the castle of King Hannibald and Queen Silkenshade. The castle is dark and run down.
The “Aunties” enter with Aurelia.
They have decided that Orchid would never think to look for them there.
The “Aunties” are angry with Aurelia when she tells them that she has told someone about the party. A Guard in a rusty suit of armor stops them and tells them to leave.
Aurelia slips away on her own. She is tired of being constantly looked after (“I Can’t Take No More”).
Aurelia hears the voice of The Prince singing.
The Prince, placed in a trance by Orchid, leads Aurelia into a room where there is an old woman sitting at a large spinning wheel. It is Orchid in disguise.
Mesmerized by the sparkling wheel, Aurelia touches it and pricks her finger. She begins to fall asleep (“One Hundred Years’ Sleep”).
During the song the “Aunties” reassure Aurelia that she will not die, she will simply go to sleep. Aurelia falls asleep on the large bed in the room.

Scene Three: The Village Square many years later. The Minstrel enters with his lute and The Three Jugglers. They now have gray hair and long gray beards.
The Minstrel sings of the sadness in the village (“Sadly the Years Pass”).
Camelia, Mynthe and Rosalinde enter. They are trying to find a solution to the evil spell. They know that the kiss of a Prince will break the spell, but there are “no princes available”. They formulate an idea to remedy the situation (“How Stupid Can We Be?”).

Scene Four: Orchid’s castle. The Raven Boy/Prince is preparing the chamber for a party that Orchid is giving to celebrate her victory.
At the window, in the shadows, appear Camelia, Mynthe and Rosalinde.
They tell the Raven Boy/Prince that they have a plan to help Aurelia and that they need his help. They will disguise themselves as party guests and the Raven Boy/Prince will let them in.
They will then cast their own spell on the Orchid and turn the Raven Boy/Prince back into the Prince. He will then kiss the Princess and break the evil spell.

Scene Five:  The castle. The castle is now completely engulfed by the thorn hedge.
The Raven Boy/Prince wants help from Camelia, Mynthe and Rosalinde on how to go about saving Aurelia. They tell him that he and he alone must do it.
Suddenly Orchid appears with the Gargoyles.
She tries to foil the rescue, but the Raven Boy/Prince exclaims that his love for Aurelia will give him the strength he needs (“Love and Evil”).
Orchid is herself engulfed by the thorn hedge by the Raven Boy/Prince’s newly found strength. The Raven Boy/Prince is transformed into The Prince.

Scene Six:  The Prince kisses Aurelia and releases her from the evil spell (“The Awakening”).

Scene Seven:  The Village Square. The square is bright and beautiful.
The villagers revel in the marriage of the Prince Alejandro and the Princess Aurelia. And everyone lives happily ever after.

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