Once Upon A Christmas

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Parole Board Chairman – Older man.Non-singing.
Harry Bunk – Young man. 21-25 years old.Baritone.
Matthew Crawford – Young man. 21-25 years old.Baritone.
Three Guards. Typical prison guards.Tenor/Tenor/Baritone.
Tiny – Typical tough guy prisoner.Baritone.
Crusher – Typical tough guy prisoner.Baritone.
Warden Gilmore – Middle aged man.Non-singing.
Ignatz T. Angberd – Middle aged man.Baritone.
Bubbles – Stereotypical floozy. 30-35 years old.Non-singing.
Stacy Bradford – Young woman. 21-25 years old.Soprano.
Beth Chamberlain – Young woman. 19-24 years old.Mezzo.
Mary Calloway – 50ish woman.Mezzo.
Kate Calloway – 50ish woman.Mezzo.
Santa – Typical Santa.Non-singing.
Tommy – Boy. 11-12 years old.Singing.
Mikey – Boy. 9-10 years old.Singing.
Holly – Girl. 9-10 years old.Singing.
Jill – Girl. 8-9 years old.Singing.
Skeeter – Girl. 5-6 years old.Singing.
Detective – Middle aged man.Non-singing.
Policeman –Non-singing.

Four Barbie Doll Dancers.
Bag people.
Violin Player.
Revelers, Christmas Shoppers.

Once Upon A Christmas Song Samples
Once Upon A Christmas Orchestrations
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